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World of Hosiery loyalty reward scheme "Save more as you shop"

Earn loyalty reward points every time your order is completed at WorldofHosiery, and cash them in against future purchases.

This is how loyalty reward points work

You earn 1 loyalty reward point (LRP) for every £10.00 spent not including VAT and delivery costs at World of Hosiery. The next time you shop with us you can choose to cash in your LRPs in your basket or at the checkout and reduce your bill. For every LRP on your account is equal to the value of £0.10 you need to register with World of Hosiery before you can start collecting any LRPs.

If you are not a registered trade user you can register yourself at the end of your first order during the checkout procedure or by using our account register page. your LRPs will automatically be credited to your account upon completion of an order.

If you choose to cash your LRPs in from a previous order on checkout the cash value is automatically deducted from your sub-total. Alternatively you can keep saving your LRPs for as long as you want. You must be logged in to your World of Hosiery account in order to redeem loyalty points at checkout.

How do I earn loyalty reward points?

Well that's simple, every time you pay for an order and it is shipped the amount of LRPs you earned will be added to your account. The amount of LRPs you have accumulated can be viewed on the "My Account" tab which appears in the left hand column on every page once logged in. Upon clicking your accumulated value you will then be shown you LRPs history explaining how to have earned the points and also how you have spent them.

How do I spend loyalty reward points?

Spending your LRPs is as easy as 1..2..3 firstly you will need to earn your points, once you have acquired enough points minimum 10 points proceed to the checkout with your order in your basket, in the third section of our 1 page checkout you will now see a button labeled "Redeem your reward points", upon clicking this button you will be promoted to enter the amount of points in which you wish to allocate against your baskets subtotal. Once you have allocated the quantity of points that you wish to use the equivalent value to which the LRPs are worth will then be deduced from your order. From here you can proceed as per usual with processing the payment for your order.

Do they have time limit?

They remain valid for as long as you remain an active customer at WorldofHosiery, although any account that are inactive for 12 months will loose their LRPs.

We reserve the right to amend or terminate the Loyalty Reward Scheme or these terms at our sole discretion at any time, with or without notice.

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